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Original Stories

Looking for fun and original stories to educate and entertain your children? Try our reading pages and introduce your child or students to our series of stories.

Accompanying the stories (depending on series), you’ll find different activities for your students, including comprehension questions, discussion points, vocabulary, and spelling.

Jan and Jim are a pair of fun loving twins who live with Mum and Dad and their pet cat Max. There are 10 great stories for you to read about their adventures.

Sandy is a boy who wants to try everything, and sometimes he doesn’t quite think things through! Despite his many talents he can sometimes end up in a little bit of a mess.

So, explore our stories now and share the adventures with your children!

You’ll find all kinds of free English worksheets for your children/students right here on Don’t forget to register, it will take seconds and will give you access to all of our materials for nothing! Flashcards, phonics, letter writing, reading, original stories, games and songs. They are all right here, so what are you waiting for? Explore, and enjoy your English learning adventure.

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