Learning to read


Reading is a true joy and it’s never to early to begin learning. Not only is reading enjoyable but it increases children’s exposure to language, building vocabulary and increasing intelligence. Learning to read is one of life’s greatest journeys.

Many studies have shown how reading expands knowledge, improves memory and understanding, and reduces stress.

So, what are you waiting for? Reading to your child/student is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to start them on their path to literacy, and you can supplement that with some of the many worksheets available here. Teaching or learning to read, it’s all fun.

Explore our phonics pages, check out our original stories, practice spelling and use our flashcards to guide your child or student on their reading adventure.

Have fun!

You’ll find all kinds of free English worksheets for your children/students right here on playenglishschool.com. Don’t forget to register, it will take seconds and will give you access to all of our materials for nothing! Flashcards, phonics, letter writing, reading, original stories, games and songs. They are all right here, so what are you waiting for? Explore, and enjoy your English learning adventure. Oh, and you can also check our Youtube channel.

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