Free English stories

FREE English Stories. Original fiction for Children.

If you are in need of some original, free, English stories for your English students, check out our Jan and Jim series. They are free, fun and you won’t find them anywhere else!

Jan and Jim are a pair of young twins, who live with their Mum and Dad and their pet cat Max. Follow their everyday adventures such as in this story where Mum brings home a new fish. The twins are excited and try to think of a name for their new pet. As we all know though, siblings don’t always agree and it takes Mum’s diplomatic skills to think up a name for their fish that everyone likes.

Download for Free

Why not try out one of these free English stories? You can read and download this story for FREE right here. You will need to register first though so if you haven’t you can register here.

There are 10 Jan and Jim stories in total and to save yourself time and show us a little bit of love for what we do, why not pay a small fee for the download pack of all ten stories. One click and they are all yours!

You can download the 10 story pack here.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”

Practice different English skills:

Each story includes sections to create discussion, practice spelling and learn new vocabulary. They also end with a series of comprehension questions. Each worksheet contains an entire lesson in itself.

Warm Up

Get a discussion going with your class or student with warm up topics relevant to each story.

Have your children express their opinions, talk about emotions, or discuss how they might react to a given situation that the story explores.


Introduce new vocabulary or have your child define the words they already know themselves.

Reading fiction is one of the best ways to boost your student’s vocabulary, particularly if they are able to use new words in examples they have made themselves.


Use the vocabulary of the story to make your spelling practice more relevant and fun.

Comprehension Questions

Use the final questions to check on your student’s understanding of the story and as a springboard to further discussion of any of the points raised by the reading.

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