Header Reading: Jim and Jan Series

Enjoy our original stories about twins, Jan and Jim!

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Mum asks Jan and Jim to go to the shop for her and as a treat they can get some ice cream! But will the twins remember everything else they need?

Jan and Jim are looking forward to going to the park, but what will they play? Dad encourages them to compromise and in the end the twins discover a great game they can both play.

Jan and Jim aren’t happy about going back to school but Mum thinks they will soon change their minds. How do they feel after their first day back?

It’s Summer Holiday time and Jan and Jim’s family are trying to decide where to go. How can they choose a nice holiday for all the family, and a cat!

Jan and Jim are on holiday with their family and are hoping to have a fantastic time. But things don’t seem to be going as they hoped. What can Max the Cat do about it?

It’s Halloween and Jan and Jim are having a party for their friends. Dad gives them some ideas to make some fun, and spooky games to play!

Jan and Jim are almost ready for their Halloween party. But first, time to try out their spooky Halloween tunnel. Is it really that scary?

Jan and Jim get a day off school when it snows. It looks like everyone in the street has made a snowman though. Maybe the twins can do something different.

Mum has brought home a new pet and Jan and Jim are excited to think of a name for it. They can’t quite agree though so Mum has to help them.

It’s Jan and Jim’s birthday soon and each of the twins would like a new bicycle. Maybe it would be better to share thinks Dad. Do the twins agree?