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Magic E Word Lists

Magic E: Long A sound

ape, ate, bake, bale, base, cake, came, cape, case, cave, dame, daze, fade, fake, fame, game, gate, gave, gaze, hate, haze, lake, late, made, make, male, maze, name, rake, sale, same, save, take, tape, wade, wake, wave.

Magic E: Long E sound

eke, eve, here, gene, mete, cede, Pete.

Magic E: Long I sound

ice, rise, nine, life, like, ripe, mile, wide, time, mile, wide, time, vice, bite, live, nice, wise, line, wife, bike, ride, pipe, dime, pile, dive, rice, mine, hike, hide, wipe, kite, mice, wine, side, dice, fine, vine, lice.

Magic E: Long O sound

ode, bone, code, cone, cope, cove, dole, dome, dose, dote, dose, hole, home, hope, hose, joke, lobe, lone, mode, mole, mope, nope, nose, note, poke, pole, pope, pose, robe, rode, rope, rose, rove, sole, tone, tote, vole, vote, woke, wove, zone.

Magic E: Long U sound

use, cube, cute, dude, duke, dune, dupe, fume, fuse, huge, June, lute, mule, muse, mute, nude, rude, rule, rune, ruse, tube, tune, yule.